For Its Last Ride, Syracuse Is Trying to Rep the Big East to the Fullest

The Big East isn't going down without a fight.

Though Georgetown and Pittsburgh couldn't hold it down — which, really, was an approrpiate nod to the annual disappointment a couple of big-time Big East teams provide — 'Cuse and Marquette are staying strong.

Tonight's victory for the Orange was widely heralded as a big win for Syracuse. In and up-and-down season, 'Cuse appears to be fine-tuning their play at the right time. Their zone was suffocating, limiting Indiana's ability to rebound and creating turnovers that turned into points. 

It was a classic Syracuse performance that embodied coach Jim Boeheim. In one case, literally.


But more than the plays and the zone, this team has inherited Boeheim's ability to stay focused in big moments. They are unfazed by accusations of major violations and their cool, focused heads oozed experience and confidence. Indiana didn't have any of that going on. Only recently back on the elite level of basketball lore, Indiana looked tentative and reactive, constantly trapped by the zone that prevented them from getting into a rhythm. 

Oh, and those accustations may have only given Boeheim's boys a little fire to go with that focus. The Orange swarmed the ball defensively, eating Cody Zeller for dinner. Though the .gif below is a foul, you can see how quickly three Syracuse defenders crash towards the basket as soon as the ball enters the paint. 



It was more than enough to get the Hoosiers shook, and Syracuse strolled into the Elite Eight with a 61-50 victory over the East region's top seed. Here's how it went down according to Twitter.


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