Florida Stripper Busted On Charges Of Stealing $62K From Client Also Illegally Sold Growth Hormones and Steroids To Athletes at Miami Strip Club, Police Say

A Miami stripper was arrested this week after authorities say she attempted to run off with $62,345.91 of a client’s money by filling him up with tequila shots and then using his credit card and PayPal to send money to herself.

Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw, 34, is facing charges of committing an organized scheme to defraud, fraudulent use of a credit card for $100 or more, grand theft and selling narcotics without prescription. While Rivera-Bosaw was being investigated for funneling money from a client’s account in the strip club, she also was caught selling illegal growth hormones and steroids by authorities from an incoming message on her phone.

Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw’s mugshot from jail. (Photo: @nypost/ Twitter screenshot)


According to Miami-Dade Police, a man visited Playmakers Club on June 9 and requested the services of six strippers to entertain him while in VIP. Among those strippers were Rivera-Bosaw. The police reports stated that the suspect danced for him privately and the other five women joined later.

River-Bosaw and her scandalous co-workers kept giving the victim tequila shots and claimed they were “on the house.” It led him to becoming drunk very quickly and he lost the ability to stand up.

She and the other women then began to distract the man by continuously dancing on him while Rivera-Bosaw used his phone to send transactions from his accounts to her accounts. The male victim decided to leave the club around 4 a.m. when he started to feel better but realized his credit cards in his wallet were missing.

According to police report, he realized on Saturday that his cards were scanned by phone applications used to send various amounts.

Rivera-Bosaw made a total of six PayPal transactions that were transferred from his cellphone to her bank account. She also made several charges to his Chase, American Express and Wells Fargo accounts from Playmates Bar and Grill.

He later found Rivera-Bosaw’s number in his phone as he was trying to cancel the transactions and realized she put the number in his phone to send herself the money.

Web of Lies

Police interviewed Rivera-Bosaw and she admitted to paying herself but said that he allowed her to send herself the money.

Investigators said that River-Bosaw’s story was inconsistent with what she initially told police and she didn’t know the other five women who were involved. She also told police that she wouldn’t pay herself.

Authorities received written consent to search her phone and found text messages between her friend and husband that showed pictures of the PayPal transactions. The messages also showed her complaining about the victim canceling one of the accounts.

Police also discovered that she was selling illegal growth hormone and steroids to clients from the club. The message popped up from an incoming text messages that requested she bring the product to the club, according to Local 10 News.

She was arrested and transported to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

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