Florida State and Jameis Winston accuser reach settlement

Today it was announced that Florida State University and Jameis Winston’s accuser, Erica Kinsman, reached a settlement in the amount of $950,000, ending a months long legal tussell between the two parties. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Kinsman will receive $250,000 in exchange for dropping the federal Title IX lawsuit while her attorneys will receive $700,000 per a statement released Monday by FSU. While Kinsman’s attorneys, John Clune and Baine Kerr, said that split is inaccurate, the total settlement amount is believed to be the largest ever to one plaintiff in a Title IX sexual assault case. 

In a statement, FSU president John Thrasher said settling the case helps the university avoid “millions of dollars in additional litigation expense.” 

“We have an obligation to our students, their parents and Florida taxpayers to deal with this case, as we do all litigation, in a financially responsible manner,” Thrasher said. “With all the economic demands we face, at some point it doesn’t make sense to continue even though  we are convinced we would have prevailed (in court).” 

For the full story, read here.

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