“Flip From Above The Rim” | Damian Lillard Torches “Con Man” Patrick Beverley With A 90s, Tupac Movie Moment

Los Angeles Lakers player Patrick Beverley guarded Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard on Sunday, and the results were explosive. The two chirped back and forth during the game that saw the Lakers defeat the Blazers at home 121-112 after a double-digit deficit against the home team going into the half. After the game, the two took it to Twitter, where Lillard let Beverley know, he was not a fan.

Lillard Called Patrick Beverley Flip From the 90s Hoops Hood Classic “Above the Rim”

Dame Dolla fired off a tweet on Monday afternoon, calling Beverley a “con man.” He took it a step further, adding “Flip from above the rim,” comparing Pat Bev to Flip, late comedian Bernie Mac’s homeless drug-addicted character in the 1994 street basketball drama movie “Above The Rim”, starring the late Tupac Shakur.

Beverley tweeted, “He mad. Entertaining,” milking the attention from the Blazers superstar.

During the postgame presser, Beverley fell right into his media chastisement lane and was direct with a reporter whom he felt phrased Lillard’s interaction in a more complimentary fashion for Lillard.

Dame And Bev Went At It All Night 

“It did seem that you had kind of a constant dialogue with Dame throughout, and you end up tonight being the plus 27. Dame had a slow shooting night, what were you looking at matchup-wise?” the reporter asked.

Beverley had a plus-minus of plus-27 in the 29 minutes he was in the game. He still let him know the words didn’t go over his head.

“If he would have cooked me you would have said I couldn’t guard him. But now he misses a couple of shots it’s a slow shooting night, I understand. Say ‘I did a good job on Dame’, that sounds better.”

The Lakers were initially outscored 45-13 and were down 25 points at the half. A brief but direct pep talk by Lakers coach Darvin Ham led the way to a motivational moment for Beverley.

“Darvin walked out of here and said, ‘Y’all figure this s— out,'” point guard Dennis Schroder said postgame.

Beverley filled in the emotional gap that brought the team to the point where they overcame the obstacle.

“Told the guys, ‘Just turn our swag up,'” said Beverley postgame. “Understand we’re fortunate to play a game that gives us stability to take care of our families, be able to live a lifestyle, a fortunate lifestyle that a lot of people dream about. So regardless of what’s going on, have fun with this s**t. Stay swaggy. That was my message, and we came out and responded.”

Did Beverly Win Matchup With Dame?

Beverley fell on his sword in the back and forth with Lillard and received a technical foul in the second quarter for chirping with Lillard when he was at the free-throw line. Beverley continued to try to get in Lillard’s head with ferocious on-ball defense.

“I think it’s inspiring, man,” Coach Ham said at the postgame presser. “When you step out on this floor at this level, you have to feel like you’re one of the best and believe it. And he’s been consistent in that regard in trying to provide a spark.

“We’ve brought him here to be a defensive agitator on behalf of the Lakers in a good manner. And he’s done that. And tonight, it was on full display as well.”


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