Fireworks and Guns: 30 Wounded, 8 Dead in Chicago on 4th of July

    Violence didn't take take a break for Independence Day in Chicago. 30 people were reportedly wounded while eight were killed. Several of the victims were children and at least some of the wounded aren't likely to survive.

    One such victim is 5-year old Jaden Donald. He was shot in the right leg and is currently in the hospital where a machine is keeping his breathing going. He has already lost three organs. There was also a 7-year old shot, an 8 year-old, two 14-year old boys, plus a "teenager" and at least one 17, 18 and two 19 year olds were all shot.

    "This senseless shooting needs to stop," Donald's mother told the Chicago Tribune while her gown was soaked in blood, "It's just senseless. This makes me want to go back in the house with my kids and never go out. Why would you do something like this? Why? All these kids and innocent people out here, why?"

    The Tribune details many of the shooting incidents here.