Fifty And Floyd Pull A Fast One

Last week, 50 Cent made his professional and personal problems with ex-homeboy Floyd Mayweather Jr. public via Twitter.


Initially, the feud raised the right-eyebrow just a tad (in case boxing was pulling a fast one), but the money spent on getting Yuriorkis Gamboa (who is sensational, by the way) out of his contract with Top Rank and signed to 50 and Floyd's now-defunct promotional company made it seem legit.


That was until this weekend's series of Tweets revealed that the rope-a-dope was indeed in full effect, and how far these two will go for attention.


It began with 50 Cent, who ignited the fire on Friday and threw gas on it early Saturday morning, conveniently using Gamboa in a Tweet-threat.

Wow — $20 million! That's a great way to drum up some attention for a fight no one is asking for, particularly as Gamboa is smaller than Floyd, just in case the next round of negotiations with Manny Pacquiao fall through. That, by the way, was also addressed in the funniest tweet of the tirade:


Not to be outdone, Floyd hit back with some body shots via Instagram:

Classic Floyd, and props to both for committing to the bit. But shortly after, 50 Cent, somewhat curiously, revealed, or at least claimed, that the drama was on Floyd.

That sounds about right, given Floyd's penchant for controversy approximately every six months, but 50 seems to forget by outing Floyd he also outs himself for going along with such a plan.


Not that it was too hard to see. Both Floyd and 50 are masters of public feud and both have been without the spotlight for months (going on years for 50). Plus, do you think a professional fighter nicknamed “Money” would take to Instagram to sort out his financial problems? Please. Not even Drake and Breezy took to Instagram.


Frankly, it's sad to see the man who reinvented the music industry fighting at 2 a.m. on a Saturday with one of the greatest boxers of all time over social media.


The really sad thing though? This clownery is probably going to work. Just wait 'til 50's next press conference.

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