Fashion Forward- The Best Dressed Players In The 2015 NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is always full of surprises, especially in the area of fashion. At last night’s draft the surprises continued, both in the choice of players and outfits. 

Draft Day is always a day to showcase expression through style. Some brought their A-Game more than others, but those who brought it…REALLY BROUGHT IT. The cameras were on and when the lights go bright, its surely time to perform.

Did you check out the draft outfit of newly drafted Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Cameron Payne? A nice blue blazer and a classy pair of white slacks, he can dress and exudes a lot of confidence. With the Thunder next season, Payne is projected to be the third string point guard behind starter Russell Westbrook and backup D.J. Augustin. Although he and Russell Westbrook are teammates, whos the better dresser between the two? See man, you already getting me in trouble, Payne told The Shadow League.

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Im just going to go half and half. Sometimes I can be a bit spiffy, but sometimes you can look at him and say whoo man hes fresh. I gotta say 50/50 but I gotta give it to him.

Karl Towns, the first pick in the draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves wore something a tad bit different. Upon consulting with his stylist, the 611 rim rocker rocked out with an ensemble with lighter thread than usual. According to Towns, the fabric for his draft outfit was created with two and a half meters of fabric. I really wanted to go with it, he told The Shadow League. My stylist was telling me the story about how its eight meters of fabric that’s all that’s left in the world and this suit is two and a half of it.” To that fact Towns is ecstatic, Hes really blessed me with a one of a kind suit for this special day in my life.

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Red seemed to be the color of the night. After all, the Washington Wizards Kelly Oubre sported a red look in his footwear ensemble. The Los Angeles Lakers selected DAngelo second in the draft and Russell donned a red suit that  looked quite right on him. Its widely speculated that he wore red because he expected to go third to the Philadelphia 76ers who instead picked Jahlil Okafor. Michael Duru, owner of Michael Duru Clothiers in Shrewsbury, New Jersey is iffy on the red. First off, whats with the different shades of red, he said.

Especially big men like Kristaps Porzingis. That looked horrible!

Porzingis of course, went fourth to the New York Knicks. Duru did appreciate the red look that the Philadelphia 76ers Jahlil Okafor pulled off though. Jahlil Okafor pulled it off better, said Duru. But still that looked liked prom outfits the 1980’s teen movies.

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Straight out of Kentucky Devin Booker represented Wildcat nation while donning the schools blue. Booker knows a thing or two about style, ironically his middle name is Armani and he says that he got a chance to meet the clothing designer, Armani when he visited his father who played basketball overseas. Im kind of a fashion guy, he told The Shadow League. Big Blue nation, this is Kentucky nation right here, I owed it to them.

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(Photo credit: @geminikeez #Keezcam)

Lastly, the Brooklyn Nets Rondae Hollis Jefferson was a hit with flannel dress pants. Frankly, it gave the true meaning to the Notorious BIGs red and black lumber jack with the hat to match. According to Jefferson, he saw a variety of different garment pieces and was feeling nothing his team presented to him. He gained some inspiration from the New York Giants Odell Beckham, Jr. I saw Odell Beckham wearing some plaid gear,said Hollis Jefferson.

And I said, that looks nice! He kind of inspired me with that look.

So where do other draftees in the NBA draft fit in? Both Clarence Jones and Michael Duru know a thing or two about stylish clothing.

Jones, a Chicago native, is the owner of CJ Custom Clothiers in Memphis. Hes been in the business since 1994 and has designed clothing for Gary Payton, Joe Johnson, A.J. Green, Patrick Peterson, Robert Quin and Duke University assistant coach Jeff Capel.

Duru, owner of Michael Duru Clothiers in Shrewsbury, NJ is a third generation family business that specializes in made to measure clothing. Duru has designed custom clothing for Al Roker, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille ONeal, Alonzo Mourning and the Notorious B.I.G.

Respected in their line of work, the Fashion Police Have Ruled. Here are their picks for the best well-dressed players in the 2015 NBA Draft:

Clarence Jones, CJ Custom Clothiers

Kevon Looney, UCLA- His double breasted suit was probably one of the best. The fit was great, I think he felt uncomfortable in the suit, but very nice.

Sam Dekker, Wisconsin- The suit was very nice and fitted very well. Very good combination.

Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin- The suit was very nice. Solid grey suit, white shirt fitted very well. It looked more like a business person. The necktie was nice also.

Bobby Portis, Arkansas- I really liked the fit of his double breasted suit. The color of the university of Arkansas was very nice. The combination overall was very good. Probably my best dressed overall.

Michael Duru, Michael Duru Clothiers

D’Angelo Russell, Ohio State- The only person that pulled off wearing the red tuxedo jacket. The white pants and the lapel in grey with a great accessories worked well. Its bold and it suits his persona.

Justice Winslow, Duke- Loved the classic elegant looked, fitted really well. It shows being neat and elegant can still work… loved the color as well.

Devin Booker, Kentucky- Sharp outfit with that must have blue suit. Just bright enough but not over the top. Again extremely well fitted

Cameron Payne, Murray State- gets in the list because its original. Nautical look with the buttons and white pants. A bit overboard with the slippers but still a great look.

Sam Dekker, Wisconsin- Best fitted Italian look by far. I loved the navy and purple combination.

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