Extra Innings: CEO Of The Black Man Can, Brandon Frame

Brandon Frame is not only a Morehouse Man, he is the founder and chief visionary officer of The Black Man Can, Inc. Before Morehouse, Brandon had no concept around college outside of playing basketball in the Big East. He credits learning about his now alma mater from Boyz N The Hood and pursuing a curiosity sparked by a friend on his way to SAT prep.

During his sophomore year Frame started a mentoring program at Charles R. Drew Charter school bringing young men to campus. There an observation was made by one of the students that the only other place that [he knew] thats like Morehouse is prison.”

Extra Innings with Brandon Frame of The Black Man Can by Points On The Board

Special Episode! In the first episode of ‘Extra Innings’, Kyle Harvey of The Shadow League sits down with founder and CEO of The Black Man Can, Brandon Frame about HBCUs, empowering the youth, and introductory songs to put your kids on to hip-hop.

From that observation, Frame knew that boys and men of color need to see positive images of themselves and have their stories told. Since that day Frame has been working to celebrate the Black man by highlighting successful businessmen, college graduates, fathers, and other roles beyond athletes.

Listen to Brandon talk to The Shadow League about the Black Man Can, Inc. and how music and life lessons help empower young men.

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