Election Night in Tweets: 11-6-2012

Some people were calling for a Jeezy remix of “My President is Black”, but I’d prefer LL to come out with “Obama said knock you out.” Barack Obama came out early dropping bombs and got Mitt Romney out of there by midnight. Also the night revealed that marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington and same-sex marriage was passed in Maryland. We’re seeing a new nation unfold before our eyes and twitter is telling the story.

Brilliant Move!

Yes, that’s exactly how that works.

About what you can expect from a guy who throws helmets.

It was ugly.

People celebrate when they win without steroids.

I’m behind this.

This is really nice of you, Donald.

Damn, you switched up quickly.

No migraines this time, Scotty?

Now make sure the Kings stay in Sacramento.


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