Earl Thomas Says Tom Brady Has An Easy Road To Playoffs 

Things went much differently for the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots on Saturday. The squads who met in that unforgettable and unfathomable 2015 Super Bowl wont be crossing paths this season as Seattle got spanked by Atlanta 36-20 while New England coasted to a 34-16 win over the weak-ass Texans.

After beginning the season on suspension, Tom Brady is getting more love than Trump on election night. The adulation is thick, even after a subpar performance in the AFC Divisional round.

Some cats, like Seahawks injured safety Earl Thomas, are sick of hearing about Tom Terrific. Thomas, out since breaking his leg in December,  expressed his true feelings about the situation and the level of his disdain for the golden boy of all QBs.  

Tom Brady has the easiest route(to the Super Bowl). Put his ass in our division and see what he does, Thomas tweeted out on Saturday

Once the Pats locked down the No. 1 seed in the AFC, the Patriots knew they would face a weak signal caller in Brock Osweiler, Connor Cook or Matt Moore in the first round of the playoffs.

QB play is the key to success in the NFL, so it was unlikely that the Texans would pull off an upset against a Bill Belichick squad with an extra bye week to prepare.

Whether or not Brady has an easier go of it in the AFC East is debatable. The NFL is a parity parade, the strength of the teams change each season like musical chairs. There are very few organizations like New England that are a contender each season.

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Seattle has also been spoiled by a run of success that includes two Super Bowl appearances. The loss came at the hands of New England, who Thomas considers Seattle’s arch rival, so when he sees his team fall and New England get a cakewalk to the AFC Championship game, the fighter in him is released.

The psychological frustration of not being able to affect the action on the field, combined with this new and convenient social media age of expressing oneself instantaneously and then immediately regretting it, forced Thomas to make his Tweet.

To most fans it just sounds like sour grapes. He looks even more foolish when you consider that no division had fewer combined wins this year than the NFC West (23 total). The AFC East even put more teams in the playoffs.

New England got lucky this season, but part of being lucky is being good enough and opportunistic enough  for that luck to amount to something.

Thats just brother Earl preaching to the choir, but nobodys really listening.

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