EA Sports Is Not Trying To Get Touched Up By Ed O’Bannon Lawsuit

EA Sports is looking to be dismissed as a defendant in the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, which challenges the NCAA economic model that allows the unpaid use of college athletes' likenesses in video games.

The NCAA and EA Sports cut ties earlier this summer and there won't be a college video game with the NCAA logo past 2014, the first sign that indicated O'Bannon's lawsuit was being taken seriously by the powers that be. 

But now we know these establishments are shaking in their bootstraps. EA Sports wants out before the class certification ruling, claiming that the crux of the issue at hand is between the players and NCAA. While that's not completely misguided, it allows the sports gaming company to completely ignore its culpability in all of this. 

At the same time, EA Sports appears to be admitting to some kind of guilt. Trying to back out as a plaintiff in this lawsuit, pointing the finger at the NCAA, and all the while being in cahoots with the NCAA until recently is pretty arrogant and self-serving. 

But then again, that's how we got here in the first place. 

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