Dwyane Wade Wants To Bring Basketball Back To Seattle As A Team Owner

Dwyane Wade wants to become one of the growing numbers of former NBA players who are seeking to secure a piece of an NBA franchise by becoming a part-owner. 

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When his NBA career comes to an end, the Heat guard plans on parlaying his celebrity and years of death-defying feats on the hardwood into an ownership come up.  The 6-foot-4 guard from Marquette via Chicago is continuing to pursue his dreams, coming a long way from the baggy clothes days of his historic 2003 NBA Draft Class. 

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Wade discussed being a role model, which NBA coach should run for office and the fact that he “definitely” wants to join an NBA ownership group after his career ends.

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Dwayne Wade: Future #Seattle Sonics Owner? https://t.co/OAx7CJj4lA

“NBA commissioner Adam Silver is all about players being involved in an ownership capacity,” Wade told the magazine. “Youve got players like Grant Hill involved in the Atlanta Hawks. Shaquille ONeal is involved in the Sacramento Kings. Its definitely something that Ive talked about, some of my friends have talked about.” 

Hill finished his fourth-year as a partial owner of the Atlanta Hawks, carrying out a long-time dream for the Duke legend and 2018 NBA Hall of Fame inductee. The ownership group, which is led by billionaire equity and investment fund manager Tony Ressler, purchased the Hawks in 2015 in the wake of former owner Bruce Levenson’s racist e-mail scandal.

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Sale of Atlanta #Hawks has been approved by NBA. Grant Hill now owns a piece of the Hawks. http://t.co/QiHRpgDxQF

“Ownership and the idea of ownership is something that I’ve thought about for quite some time, going back to my early days and my early years in the NBA playing in Detroit,” Hill said on a podcast

In 2013, Shaq became an owner of the Sacramento Kings, with Forbes reporting the size of O’Neal’s investment to be between 2% and 4% of the franchise. 

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@SHAQ now owns part of @SacramentoKings http://t.co/jyL3kg2f4l – Owner @vivek & @SHAQ in June http://t.co/aRFPUO84B1 via @nickmonacelli

Wade already has a franchise in mind. 

“Seattle,” Wade told Bloomberg Businessweek in an interview last week. “I want Seattles team, the Sonics, to come back. I think Seattle is a great basketball town.”

The Seattle fans are feeling Wade’s energy. 

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Well today I am very glad that #DwayneWade wants to be part of the fight to bring the #NBA back to #Seattle and I think he will be a great Minority owner in any ownership group either in Chris Hansen’s group or the Oak view group. #BringBackOurSonics #SeattleCenterArena

The 36-year-old Flash finished last season with the Heat and team president Pat Riley told The Palm Beach Post on Friday that “nothing has been decided with Dwyane concerning his retirement or return. 

Wade’s possible investment will add another former player of color with some stake in an NBA franchise. Eventually, maybe a bunch of these guys can pool their resources and purchase a team that could produce the third majority owner in NBA history. Michael Jordan still reigns supreme with that distinction. His Airness followed in the footsteps of the first African American billionaire and former BET owner Bob Johnson, who became the first African American to own a major sports team when the NBA awarded him the rights to its expansion franchise in Charlotte.

Wades opportunity for team ownership is probably some years away, but bringing the SuperSonics back is a great opportunity for Wade, one in which he could use his celebrity and money to help facilitate and attract investors to.  

Always wise, sure and unstoppable on the kill, Wade will execute the same championship pedigree in positioning himself for NBA ownership as he has in his 15 seasons in the NBA. 

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