Driven: SPC Alex Love

Boxing has seen a rebirth in the last two years with the establishment of Premier Boxing Champions, spreading the sport across the television landscape across more than six television networks.

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In women’s boxing, though not as popular as women’s MMA, the number of fighters has slowly started to increase. Names like Mia St. John and Laila Ali paved the path for a new generation that includes Heather “The Heat” Hardy and the Serrano Sisters. Now out of the state of Washington comes another name who hopes to continue the growth of the sport.

Specialist Alex Love joined the Army in 2013 and entered the World Class Athlete Program eight months later. The Intel Analyst took part in the first ever women’s Olympic Trials in 2012 and had originally taken up boxing to “cross train for basketball.” A wise decision for an athlete that has a promising future in the sport. Now you can see why SPC Love is so motivated.

Why she trains so hard.

Why she’s Driven.

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