Driven: Shawn Porter

(Main photo credit: Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions)

Shawn Porter.

Aspiring college football player turned boxer. Former IBF Welterweight Champion. Fighter with a record of 26-1-1. Victor over Adrien Broner. Soft spoken but in possession of tremendous punching power and speed. Humble son of Kenny Porter.

These are some of the descriptions used to paint a picture of Shawn Porter, the man who silenced the always talkative Adrien Broner two weeks ago by unanimous decision in primetime on NBC. We sat down with Shawn and Kenny Porter before Shawn’s big fight against AB to discuss what motivates them and drives them to be successful. But what we came to realize is that while boxing is what people will recognize them for, their story goes much deeper than the sport itself.

This is the story of Shawn Porter, a boy from Akron, Ohio whose Father decided that his son needed to be raised by a man and whose Mother agreed to let him take their son to the deserts of Las Vegas to become a man. Similar to Furious and Tre Styles of “Boyz n the Hood”, the Porters developed a bond that exists today, one that sees the hard working ethic, friendly demeanor, humble nature and passion to succeed of a Father living in his son both inside and outside of the ring.

The Porters are driven to succeed and now you’ll know why.

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