Driven: Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden

Before 2012, you might not have heard of Shawn Rhoden, the man called “Flexatron”. But when he started his successful world tour in 2012, culminating in a third place finish at the Olympia, fans of the sport took note. Shawn served notice that he had arrived in the sport that he once abandonded and that he was here to stay.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Maryland, Flexatron entered a sport that many from the country knew nothing about. Soccer and cricket dominated the scene, but once he hit high school and found the weight room, bodybuilding became his passion. But what was once his passion ended up becoming an after thought when tragedy struck, starting a downward spiral for the promising athlete. Yet Rhoden persevered and will be standing on the Olympia stage for a third time this Saturday in Las Vegas at the 50th anniversary of the contest. See his journey in the full installment of “Driven: Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden”.

Driven- Shawn Rhoden, Part 1

Driven- Shawn Rhoden, Part 2

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