Driven: Keith Thurman

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One Time.

Bet you think that just refers to a knock out punch.

But Keith Thurman, like the definition of his nickname, is much deeper than that. He’s a boxer that beats opponents in the ring but is a man who has a deep, spiritual approach to life outside of it. He’s a rising star in the sport of boxing, the WBA Welterweight Champion and one of the big names out of Al Haymon’s PBC organization.

DRIVEN: Keith Thurman, Part 1

He fought a memorable fight against Robert Guerrero to kick off the PBC on NBC schedule back in March and tomorrow night he returns to the ring to face Luis Collazo on ESPN at 9pm.

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DRIVEN: Keith Thurman, Part 2

He was coached by Ben Getty from a young age, who recognized his talent and knew he would become someone special. His talent was evident as a youngster- “I was knocking out grown men since I was 13 years old.” Thurman told us. He even sparred against Winky Wright as a teenager and learned what it meant to have a devastating jab.

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(Photo credit: Bolte Media)

But when we sat and talked with him, we came to realize that he’s more than “One Time”; he’s someone that you should respect for his boxing prowess and someone you should respect for his intellect, understanding and philosophy on life. After watching our feature on him, you’ll learn all of these things and more.

Most importantly, you’ll learn what makes Keith “One Time” Thurman Driven.

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