Driven: Danny “Swift” Garcia, Part 2

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Danny “Swift” Garcia continues to prove the doubters wrong. He continued rise within the ranks of boxing have opened the eyes of both fans and the casual observer. While many could attribute this to the fact that he remains undefeated, others will point to his solid upbringing and humble demeanor, both of which can be attributed to his Father, Angel Garcia.

A brief conversation with Angel about Danny and any of his opponents will tell you all you need to know about this Father’s love for his son. “So what I’m suposed to do? I’m supposed to go up there and love him and kiss him? No listen, I hate you.” Proof positive that nothing, and no one, will come between him and his mission to of working with Danny to make him the best fighter, and man, that he can be.

Angel understood how quickly the streets can pounce on the youth, which is why he is so protective of his son, and why he pushed his son into the ring at such an early age. He understood what the sport would do for his son, it’s why he so serious when it comes to his him. “You can call me whatever you want to call me, because at the end of the day, it’s about Danny.” There’s no playing around in the ring, and there’s definitely no playing around when it comes to the younger Garcia. Angel is just one example of why Danny is so successful, and we prove to you that, no matter the past or future obstacles they will face in their path, both Garcia men are driven to succeed in their individual and joint missions.

And on Saturday night in the Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn, and the world, will be watching the family continue their quest.

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