Driven: Danny “Swift” Garcia, Part 1

Hailing from the fighting city of Philadelphia, Danny Swift Garcia has proven himself to be a true son of The City of Brotherly Love. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Garcia emerged from the blight and scarcity of hope within this region to become a boxing world champion.

In part one of our exclusive two part docu-series we explore Danny Garcias roots and the reasons why Philadelphia produces great boxing champions. Led by the passion of his father, the proud and outspoken Angel Garcia, Danny developed a fire for combat competition. It all started at the Harrowgate Boxing Club where Angel Garcia rushed his son in for training as soon as he became the legal age of 10 years old. The younger Garcia picked up boxing quickly, racking up accolades and wins as an amateur. In 2005 he became the Tammer Tournament Champion and Tammer Under-19 National Champion. He also became the 2006 U.S. Amateur National Champion cementing his dream to become a successful, and profitable, professional fighter.

Driven: Danny Garcia Pt. 1

No fighter can predict that they will go undefeated, just like the most financially successful have no real guarantee that they will become millionaires. The same is true for Danny Garcia. From his first fight in the Borgata in Atlantic City to his last against Mauricio Herrera, Garcia has strengthened his resolve with each win. The result? An undefeated record and wins over the likes of Erik Morales, Amir Khan, Zab Judah and more recently Lucas Mattysse. In addition to shocking the world with these wins, he has racked up multiple titles including the WBA, WBC Super and Ring Magazine Light Welterweight Champion.

Angel recognized early on that his son was destined for greatness, and we show you why Danny Swift Garcia is driven.

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