Driven: Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton

How many athletes can make a successful transition from one sport to another? Few have done it in college, and even fewer have truly succeeded at the professional level. But every so often one athlete comes around that has the tools, drive, passion and desire to be successful at whatever sport they choose, and they won't be denied no matter the challeneges presented to them. This is the case in regards to Ana Julaton.

"The Hurricane", former WBO and IBA world boxing champion, is fighting in her second MMA match tomorrow in ONE FC, Asia's largest MMA organization, and is determined to prove that she belongs in both the ring and the cage. Yet at the start, with her strong martial arts background, she had no desire for the sport of boxing. "I wasn't a fan of boxing. I thought it was brutal. I thought it was an ego clash between two athletes. I didn't understand the science behind it."

Ironically, it wasn't until she thought about her own safety that boxing became a sport of interest; and once she entered the ring under the tutelage of Head Coach Angelo Reyes, her natural skill, work ethic and intelligence took over. After only two weeks of training, she won a silver medal at the San Francisco Golden Golves Tournament, and her path to greatness was cemented.

As she gets ready for her second ONE FC match tomorrow, we bring you this exclusive on the former Boxing Champion, soon to be MMA Champion, Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton.

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