Driven: Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton Part 2

Ana Julaton enters the cage this morning (U.S. time) to take on Ann "Athena" Osman, a fighter from Malaysia with a 0-1 record. The Hurricane has trained, fought and hustled her way to becoming both a champion and a recognized name in the sport of boxing, and now she looks to achieve the same accomplishments in MMA, but now it will be on a global stage. "It wasn't until this year that I just felt like, you know, it was such a prime opportunity. Allowed me to join the league and also to pursue boxing. I'm like, you know, why not?"

Ana is poised for big things. With two MMA fights under her belt, and her experience continuing to grow, we should expect her to have another successful career as she begins her path in the cage. What else would we expect from an athlete who became a world champion in two years?

Like any other athlete in any sport, Ana will have her wins and losses, but recognizing her drive, passion and dedication, we all know that nothing will stop her on her quest for glory. "I don't think Ana even realized the gravity of what she did, by doing every single thing she's done to be the first this, the first that" said head coach Angelo Reyes.

And first is what we think of when it comes to Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton, and it will be what you think of too.


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