Donovan W. Carter Talks About His Character’s Growth On Ballers

HBOs Ballers just wrapped its third season and is still raking in great revues.  In case youve been in a coma, the Dwayne Rock Johnson starrer follows the deals of Spencer Strasmore as he tries to make a generational come-up as a financial adviser to professional football players.  

Though the camera is simply following him around from tenuous business dealings and failed promises through the shows duration, a significant portion of the storylines involve the lives of his NFL clients.  

The Shadow League recently caught up with actor and former UCLA football player Donovan Carter, who plays Vernon Littlefield on the show, a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys who has a problem keeping track of his cash.

The Shadow League: Discuss the growth of your character, Vernon Littlefield.

Donovan Carter: I think this year you see Vernon is really trying to be smart with his money, business wise. He sees a lot of players not invest their money and see it grow. He has good intentions on what hes doing. He and Reggie are trying to think outside the box because they know that football doesnt last forever. They really want to take the time and have their money grow because, once his career is over, he has to do something with his time.

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TSL: This was the very first role of your acting career and the show is still going strong. Whats the ride been like for you, going from a former college football player working part time gigs to a major character on a hit show?

DC:  This was my first role ever. I played football for UCLA, tried out for the Raiders, I had been doing part-time jobs, so this was my theatrical debut. I definitely went through what I was going through post football and finding out what I wanted to do.  But, man, God is good. Going through that helped me be grateful for what Im going through now.  I think you have to humble yourself to let more things come into play.

Its been a blessing, its definitely opened more doors and got me the privilege of opening the right doors. Theres other stuff in the makings. Im just taking advantage of what Im doing right now.  The show is good and in the future, my plan is to do other things and other roles.

TSL: What has been the single greatest attribute you possess that has helped you do your job on Ballers?

DC: I kinda just use my past experiences, the people that Ive met and just use my own personal experience. Ive gone through some things. Ive had accomplishments and Ive also gone through hardships.  So, I kinda just use that, bottle it in, and just bring it to my performance.

The complete season three of Ballers is now available for Digital Download. Season four of Ballers kicks off next year. If you want to reach out to Donovan on social media here are his tags; @DCsofly90 on Twitter and @DonovanWCarter on Instagram.

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