Donald Sterling G-Checking His High-Priced Princess Has Nothing To Do With Racism

Donald Sterling ain’t wilding. Y'all just can’t handle the truth. It’s like every time somebody wants to keep it real, if they are not admitting to being gay, then the politically correct brigade comes rolling in, acting all salty. Elgin Baylor told heads a long time ago that Sterling was a racist. His word was always enough for me.

But now that we live in a time where snitches, leaks and spyware is becoming more intrusive by the day, according to audio obtained by TMZ, Sterling is heard telling his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, he does not want her bringing black people to games.

According to the site, he made the comments during a heated argument earlier this month after his girlfriend posted a picture of her and Magic Johnson on Instagram.

In quotes pulled by TMZ, Sterling tells her:

— "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?" (3:30)

— "You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games." (5:15)

— "I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people." (7:45)

— "…Don't put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don't bring him to my games." (9:13)

Sounds like Sterling is getting some heat from his old boy’s network. The conversations probably have something to do with Sterling looking like a fool while his young panty-popper jet sets with younger, less-rich black dudes.

If we understand the dynamics of race and wealth relations in this country, then this shouldn't come as a surprise. Anyone expecting an 80-year old, white, male NBA owner to have progressive or unbiased beliefs is nuts.

Sterling looks at the NBA for what it is—a lucrative and coveted business. When black athletes makes these slave references concerning their relationship with teams and team owners, all of the white media gets in a huff and attacks the player as a malcontent. Remember when Gary Sheffield said MLB wants more Hispanic players and less African-Americans in the league because they can pay international players less money?  He got lit up from all sides, but he was just keeping it a buck about how he felt and his experiences. People usually get blasted for being honest, that’s why you only get juicy stuff like this from tacky, gossip instruments like TMZ and publications that pay people to invade others trust for a dollar.

Sterling has overlooked the Clippers plantation since 1981. I have no doubt he sees the players as assets and product more than human beings. His team has been abysmal for decades before this recent resurgence under Doc Rivers, CP3 and The Red Rim Rocker. I’ve never heard a positive thing about Sterling as a person. He’s just a rich, prick owner. It’s naive to think that if you bugged his home, you wouldn't here more N-words and F-bombs than in a Mob flick.

But being a racist in this country doesn't stop you from owning things and spending your money as you wish. So cries for Sterling to release ownership of the team because he doesn't want his high-priced skins parading her other pieces to his game is silly. He’ll surely pass before that occurs.

Fellas and ladies, please don’t act like you’ve never fallen victim to the power of a perfect 10. You try to lock that individual up like Fort Knox. For a cat like that, everything is about ownership—from his fine dime to his basketball team.

Who am I to judge if Stiviano's bringing homies into the public mix is a forbidden aspect of her and Sterling’s obvious pay-for-play scenario. She’s just a working woman, trying to stay ahead of the game and I respect that..Well I don’t, but I’m not judging her.

Sterling gave the O.K. for her to step out, so it’s not a sex thing. He’s under some kind of social pressure about his shorty race mixing. Sterling has probably always started and ended his relationship with any black person at the Staples Center door. I doubt he’s ever been seen at any of his exclusive events, intimate parties or gatherings with a person of color. He's allegedly hung with a few working woman or two, but I can’t confirm that.

It’s hard to break an 80-year-old’s habits and mind set. Sterling’s comments may lead with racism but may truly be a symptom of embarrassment. With matters of the heart, it’s hard to tell the emotions part.

As a wealthy white man in this country Sterling is commercialized, packaged and presented as the ultimate model of American success. Sterling acquired the Clippers in 1981 for $12.5 million, and as of 2014, the team is valued at $575 million by Forbes magazine. At 33 seasons of ownership, Sterling has been the longest-tenured owner in the NBA since the death of Lakers majority owner Jerry Buss on February 18, 2013.

Sterling runs his empire with an iron fist and he’s not going to be “shown up” by some small-time brothers in his own castle. The fact that he has these beliefs or demeaning opinions of black people is something we will just have to live with. Your boss, parent in-laws, coaches, doctors or lawyers might feel the exact same way. Such is life.

The LA Clippers fans I know could care less about his ramblings. Dudes with a lot of bread are allowed to say things that “regular folk” can’t say. He didn't say this on camera at a company event. It was on the low and he got exposed.  As long as Doc and The Clips continue to own LA, the fans will come running. There will be no boycott or massive call for Sterling’s forfeiture of the franchise. Not with the Clippers in a genuine position to advance to an NBA Finals.

Nobody is listening to that old fool. Just cut the checks and pop those Viagra.

This is one of those rare cases where I regret TMZ released that BS. There’s nothing we can gain from hearing it. People get down like that. It used to be, if they’re not throwing it in your face then no harm. I can’t be a part of this new thought police. It’s wack and unrealistic. Let’s keep it moving. Old man Sterling has embarrassed himself enough already. He doesn't need to hear it from our short-pocket mouths. The Clips still got work to do.

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