Dodgers Stumbling Late So They Can Catch The Early World Series Train

Baseball is a game of averages and the Dodgers had been defying them and waxing the MLB competition for some time. That’s exactly why this recent nine-game losing streak isn’t surprising. It was inevitable. 

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Two teams have lost 14 of 15 games in 2017: worst-in-the-AL White Sox, on pace for 99 losses; and best-in-MLB Dodgers, on pace for 105 wins

Back on July 20th, after a win over the Chicago White Sox, the Dodgers had won 44 straight contests in which they have held a lead at any point during the game. The streak broke a 111-year-old record of 43 straight games set by Chicago Cubs during the 1906 campaign, per the Elias Sports Bureau. The Dodgers had been the hottest team in baseball for well over month. In fact, the club had lost a total of just four games since June 7, possessing a 31-4 record over that span.

It was unlikely LA was going to continue such a storied streak, but the way they were annihilating the competition inspired talk of the Dodgers machine possibly eclipsing the Seattle record of 116 wins in a season. The law of averages were bound to come into play and it has with this recent skid.  

Back in August, when the losing streak had reached a modest four games, LA All-Star Justin Turner told reportersIts good for us, going through adversity, dealing with stuff we havent dealt with in awhile.

Maybe hes right. You dont want to be too hot going into the playoffs and hit a bump when the games count the most. The Dodgers were making it look easy. In fact, It was the first time they had lost four consecutive games since May 18-21, 2016.  Luckily, history is also on their side. 

Slumping late in the season isnt foreign to teams en route to a World Series championship. The following World Series champs have had late season swoons: 

2011 Cardinals: seven games (June 10-17)

2010 Giants: seven games (June 26-July 2)

2005 White Sox: seven games (Aug. 12-20)

2000 Yankees: seven games (Sept. 25-Oct. 1)

2011 Cardinals: seven games (June 10-17)

2010 Giants: seven games (June 26-July 2)

2005 White Sox: seven games (Aug. 12-20)

2000 Yankees: seven games (Sept. 25-Oct. 1)

The Dodgers fans don’t like it. After all, LA has surrendered 9 1/2 games in the standings to a surging Arizona in two weeks, losing 11 of 12, while the D-Backs have ripped off 13 in a row.  But that’s baseball. 

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The dodgers lost again?!!?! AND they have a 9 game losing streak!?

The Dodgers have the perfect blend of veterans and youth, the arms, the manager and the numbers to justify them being World Series favorites. Losing streaks late in the season are not uncommon for teams like the Dodgers who have had the division on lock for months and basically are competing with history and hoping to get to the playoffs in one piece. Avoiding major injuries and making sure their pitching staff is stacked, healthy and ready to rock has been first priority for some time. 

2017 Dodgers Youth Movement Highlights – Believer

Early season highlights for the Dodgers youngest guns I don’t own the rights to any video or music Song- Believer by Imagine Dragons

While no team wants to endure nine-game losing streaks and Dave Roberts certainly doesn’t want to limp into the playoffs losing games and confidence by the day, the Dodgers are having an out of body experience right now. 

Its like they are not even really playing. Its all about the World Series for this team and thats been the case for a few seasons now. With a 10-game division lead and 20 games left in the season, the Dodgers have a great chance to reach the 100-win plateau which would be an impressive regular season accomplishment, but for LA and Magic Johnson it’s all about the rings and things. Anything else would be a failure at this point. 

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