Did Ray Allen Travel In Game 6? Rick Barry Thinks So

Ray Allen's three-pointer in the dying moments of Game 6 of the NBA Finals may have saved the Heat’s season, but Rick Barry thinks Allen got a solid from the refs:

Per 640 Sports:

“Everybody will probably hate me for saying this down there in Miami, but the bottom line of it is nobody made a big deal about the fact Ray Allen traveled on the shot he made to tie the game,” Barry said. “Ray did it so quickly, but he traveled. He had a pivot foot and he stepped back behind the line and he brought the foot that was his pivot foot back and took the shot, well I’m sorry but you can’t do that without dribbling the basketball.”

Yeah, Rick, everyone in Miami will probably hate you. But, the man still may have a point. It all depends on when you think Ray catches the ball. In my eyes, he appears to receive the ball right as he takes the first of his three steps, like Barry said. It’s very tough to notice it in real time though, and it's only clear when you slow it down and get a nice view.

Still, Barry seems to have opened up a debate that will last for years to come. I can see this play taking on “Jordan pushing off Russell”-like fame in the near future.

[h/t ProBasketballTalk]

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