Dez Bryant Was Pullin’ In Touchdowns At Oklahoma State, But Not Cash

Before Dez Bryant was a Dallas Cowboy, he was a star Oklahoma State Cowbo and ended his college career as an ineligible athlete because he wasn't completely forthcoming with the NCAA. In the midst of Sports Illustrated's revealing investigation into the rampant culture of sex, manipulated athletics and booster money, the former Oklahoma State receiver is claiming he was unaware that there was a system in place to pay players. Texas A&M receiver Ricky Seals-Jones revealed that someone associated with a school offered his son $600,000 to commit. With Oklahoma State's heavy wallets. Bryant could have been pulling in some serious dough. Bryant tweeted his reaction to the revelations on Tuesday and joined the chorus of those disputing SI's claims.

Many of these allegations took place under Les Miles' watch while Bryant was a Mike Gundy recruit so there's a chance he's being truthful. On the other hand, his testimony has never been the most reliable.