Derrick Rose To The New York Knicks?

With the NBA Finals exiting stage left on Sunday night, offseason trade rumors are getting into full swing. And usually, if theres mention of a desperate team possibly trading for a high-priced former superstar, the Knicks are involved.

Coming off another pitiful season and in need of a consistent point guard to pair with an aging Carmelo Anthony and rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis,  the Knicks and President Phil Jackson reportedly are considering trying to trade for Derrick Rose.  

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, the Knicks have had “internal discussions” about a trade to the Bulls that will net them Rose.

At this point, dealing for the former MVP is far-fetched because the Knicks dont have any trade pieces. The deal makes perfect sense for the Bulls because they have been feenin’ for a way to get rid of Rose and be respectful about it. But the truth is, as great as Rose once was, he hasnt been healthy in four years, he has a huge contract and the Bulls arent anxious to face the pressure of re-signing him after the 2016-17 season when he becomes a free agent.

Other than the franchises notorious history of getting pimped by washed up, broken down vets and former superstars, I cant see any reason why the Knicks would even attempt to make the deal.

Especially with a guy like Rose, who has already expressed a reluctance to push himself and admitted that he plays basketball for his family and himself at this point. Roses physical and mental state is too fragile for a team that needs to make accurate, sure shot decisions in this impending star-studded free agent rush.

It would also require the Knicks offering up future first-round picks, another practice that has failed the Knicks franchise in the past. The definition of insanity is…well we know what it is and as exciting and enticing as the possibility of D Rose rocking a Knicks uniform is to desperate and dazed Knicks fans, we have already seen Glen Rice, Baron Davis, Larry Johnson, Antonio McDyess and a trailer load of other over-the-hill former assassins, come to the Knicks and steal paper. 

Dude is not going to turn back into the healthy version of himself just because he puts on a Knicks uniform. This sounds like nothing more than headline hunting by the Knicks because anything other than getting Rose on the cheap and without sacrificing any first round picks would be nuts.

Trading for Rose can only hurt the Knicks chances of acquiring more reliable big name players with the healthy amount of cap space they have available. Five years ago, the cavalry would have signed up to play with the games most explosive guard. Now, hes damaged goods.

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Doesnt mean he cant ball, but his past will always make him an overpriced and diminished player. Hes not capable of being counted on to lead a team for 82 games and multiple playoff series anymore.

Besides, Rose doesnt want to be Ron Harper. Hes done making sacrifices. Winning an NBA Championship doesnt seem like his top priority anymore and who can blame him? Hes been in NBA survival mode for some time now and the Knicks have been a long-running joke in league circle, a haven for max-money free agents (Amar’e Stoudemire) who have minimal options. For a Knicks fan, its the perfect marriage of hype, insanity and tabloidish drama that they’re used too.

Rose still flexes some flashes of that young, unguardable Chi-Town legend who was supposed to battle LeBron for MVP for the next 10 years. He had a solid season averaging 16.4 ppg and nearly five assists and most importantly, the 27-year-old played in 66 games, his highest total since his 81-game MVP season in 2010-11. He also played 31.8 minutes per game, which is positive.

It could be Fools Gold. Then again, if Phil could pencil in those numbers at the point guard position next season, it would certainly upgrade the team.   

Bottom line is everyone knows Rose is a pivot away from never playing again and the Knicks just cant afford to go down that road again.

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