Dennis Rodman Is Protecting Jordan’s Legacy From LeBron James

Rodman is on his own planet. On Friday morning, Rodman made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, but was only willing to answer one question about his visit to North Korea. Instead, Rodman offered up his insight into LeBron James' transcendent ability. Unfortunately, Rodman's looks at basketball with a heavy bias towards the '90s and in his opinion LeBron James would be a middle-class player in his era.

In his exact words, Rodman said that James would just be 'just an average player.' It's to be expected. Rodman is still holding Jordan's bag and James is a threat. All these comparisons between the two has ex-Bulls not named Pippen forming a protective perimeter around Jordan's legacy. If there's a Chicago Bull that doesn't have a strong opinion on LeBron James, I can't find them. Anybody seen Luc Longley?