DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly Signs Multi-Year Year Deal With Puma Hoops

Golden State Warriors All-star DeMarcus Cousins reportedly signed a multi-year contract with PUMA as a leading face for the iconic company’s relaunch. Puma is getting back in the basketball hustle and Cousins is the latest superstar acquisition in the company’s goal to sink its teeth deeper into the basketball market. 

According to Nick DePaula, Nike will have 10 days to decide whether or not they will match the offer. Cousins has worn Nike all throughout his career, while playing at LeFlore High School, at the University of Kentucky and as a pro too. So, this is definitely a big transition for him.

Nick DePaula on Twitter

BREAKING: Warriors All-Star DeMarcus Cousins has signed a lucrative multi-year shoe deal with PUMA to headline their basketball relaunch. Nike will have 10 days to decide to exercise their “match clause” rights.

Cousins will join Puma’s basketball category along with Terry Rozier, Skylar Diggins-Smith and the rest of their young hoop roster.

This has the opportunity to go one of two ways: If he secures a lucrative deal with the Warriors following his one-year contract or another team in a big market grabs him, this is immense brand exposure for Puma moving forward. But, coming off a torn Achilles injury and missed months, if an extensive contractual deal is missed or if he goes to a team in a lesser exposed market, that may not be as beneficial for the sneaker brand. It’ll require additional advertising efforts on their end.

They better optimize this opportunity through content while they can! 

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