Classless Woman Clowns Mentally Ill Delonte West | Black Twitter Protects LeBron James’ Former Teammate And Comes For Her

Since retiring from the NBA in 2012, Delonte West has dealt with an array of problems. West has been seen numerous times in videos that show the former NBA star in a bad way, and unfortunately this time is no different. Recently a woman went viral for a video she took and posted of West standing in front of a local 7-Eleven convenience store dancing. During the video the woman laughingly said she couldn’t believe that West was at her local neighborhood store. 

The laugh she gave was more of shock and surprise than her just laughing at him and his struggles. 

“I do not believe in recording people when they’re at their lowest,” the person in the video said. “But Delonte West is at my 7-Eleven.”

But that didn’t sit well with the social media world, as different commenters let her know that her video of him wasn’t necessary.

Fans Come To West’ Defense 

The woman who posted the video may have thought she was causing no harm, but many of the social media comments were aimed at her for making the making the video.

@SoloLeveling_GG tweeted this ….

“A shame they still won’t leave Delonte West alone.”

@iamderby tweeted this @DailyLoud ….

“How about helping people or minding your business… too old to be recording people ‘c how about someone recording you and laughing without your consent.”

@K_Earls32 tweeted this @DailyLoud …

“You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped. Cuban tried to get him back right and he fumbled. He’s too far gone at this point.”

While all the comments are valid to an extent, they resonate with this situation which has gone on now for years. In fact, I myself live in the area where West is most of the time, and on Good Friday he was seen at the local Marshall’s department store doing exactly what he was doing in the video. As the others tweeted, all you can do is hope he gets the proper help and accepts it for better. 

Mark Cuban Tried To Turn The Tide For West

Last year Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban did all he could to help West, who once played for him. Cuban put him in a recovery facility to try and get him help with his addiction, and while it seemed to be working for a while, West quickly reverted back to his old ways. He was arrested twice in October 2022, and at the time Cuban told TMZ Sports this. 

“It’s a struggle for him,” Cuban said. “Addiction is awful and mental iilness is awful.”

He’s at the point in his life where he’s got to want to he helped,” Cuban said. “He’s got to want to be help himself first. I’ve tried. I know it’s tough on him, but I wish him nothing but the best.”

But one thing he doesn’t need is everyone recording him for viral purposes and not helping him try to get better. 

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