Davante Adams Says Green Bay Isn’t Built For “Superstars” | Family Has Higher Quality Of Life In Las Vegas 

New Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is getting accustomed to the place they call “Sin City” or “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas.” 

But the married father of two isn’t taking advantage of all the riskier indulgences that Las Vegas famously offers. He instead is looking for family-friendly things to do, and the way he tells it there’s plenty of activities for the family in Vegas compared to what Green Bay had to offer. 

Adams joined “The Pivot Podcast” as they conclude their training camp tour. The former Fresno State Bulldogs star told co-host Channing Crowder his feelings about playing and living in Vegas versus Green Bay.

“It’s a difference because you got more at your disposal,” Aaron Rodgers’ former main target said. “But I’m not a big strip club dude … so I’m not taking advantage of that type stuff. But it’s a lot of stuff that I’m able to do here that I probably couldn’t do in Green Bay.”

Adams continued, “I couldn’t go in public a whole lot in Green Bay just based on, you know, it’s a really small community. It’s not really built for having like, quote, unquote superstars. I can’t just go sit in the middle of a restaurant like same way that I could, you know, my first couple years in the league. Like it’s a different specialty in a city you play in.

“So to be able to take advantage, I have my whole family there. My daughters run around and do their thing. I have a little private room eating and drinking.”



Adams sees the stark differences in a place like Green Bay where football is pretty much all they have. But in Vegas there’s nightlife and plenty of things to do with the family. Adams seems to understand what is labeled as fun in Vegas could also be pitfalls for trouble. And, from the sound of it, he’s steering clear of that type of stuff.

Adams And Carr Reunited: We’re College Teammates

The Raiders landed the league’s best wide receiver in Adams, who reunited with his college quarterback Derek Carr. The tandem did their thing for the Fresno State Bulldogs, amassing over 3,800 yards of total offense. Now they’ll have that opportunity in the very tough AFC West division and even tougher AFC Conference. They’ll also get the chance to play in a very QB-WR-friendly offensive system under first-year head coach Josh McDaniels.



Since 2016, Adams leads the league in receptions, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, 100-yard games and multi-touchdown games. He’s also second in games with at least 150 yards receiving.

A receiver of Adams’ ilk should be a welcome sight for Carr. Adams and McDaniels join forces in hopes of bringing the Raiders back to the days of consistent winning, something they’ve been devoid of since the early 2000s. Owner Mark Davis is banking on the additions of McDaniels, Adams on the field, and new team president Sandra Douglass-Morgan to bring the team back to respectability after a trying 2021 season on and off the field.

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