D-League Takes Flopping Punishment To The Next Level With Flopping Technicals

The NBA Developmental League has often been the NBA's experimental ground. From shorter timeouts, shorter games, to recording players vitals during games, it's the place where NBA innovation germinates. The D-League's newest experiment is a more stringent policy towards punishing floppers. 

Beginning Thursday February 20, the league will allow officials to assess technicals to players that in their estimation were flopping. All flopping technicals must be confirmed on instant replay after the first timeout or television timeout following the flop call.  In the final two minutes, they will be removed immediately. 

This has the potential to be a controversy waiting to happen if it ever reaches the league level. However, before it does the new commissioner Adam Silver is sending a warning to its players before this rule reaches NBA hardwood. Hopefully, Marcus Smart is paying attention. This is a shot across the bow to master floppers like himself who engage in theatrics that belong on the football pitch.