Cover 3: Things Went Straight Loco In Week 2

1.) Best game of Week 2, go.

GAMBLE: If a game between two teams competing for the right to draft Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater can be worth mentioning, then any Raiders win with incumbent Terrelle Pryor at QB is huge. He didn’t dazzle, but he gets props for not throwing a pick, combining for 176 yards of total offense and most importantly, leading the Raiders to their first opening-drive TD in more than a year.

B.SCOTT: A few decisions here. We had EJ Manuel coming of age with a near last second game-winning drive to beat Cam Newton’s Panthers and the Chargers found a way to neutralize what Philly’s doing offensively by playing keep-away. But let’s go with the Texans coming back from eight points down in their home opener against the old Houston team, forcing overtime with Arian Foster shutting down false narratives and rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins showing why he’s the Andre Johnson heir apparent.  

R. BOADU:  The best game today was the Bears and Vikings. Jay “Lackluster” Cutler is on a presidential campaign to provide hope that he’s changed his ways. With three turnovers in the game, he gridiron engineered a 10 play, 66-yard drive to win the game. Two back-to-back comeback wins for Jay…he’s focused man.

2.) Bigger trouble: ‘Skins or Giants?

GAMBLE: Neither one. The NFC East is as much up for grabs as the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. It started out as a four-team race and will remain that way. Every team in the division lost today and they’ve already started pounding each other out. With 14 games to go and 1 game difference in the standings, the stage is set for an all-out war.

B.SCOTT: It’s the Giants until Bad Eli turns good again. The ‘Skins can charge their struggles to trying to get Robert Griffin III back in the swing of things. Plus, the ‘Skins turned it up late last season to win the division. The Giants, though? They can’t run the ball, convert on third down or rush the passer. None of the stuff that’s kind of important.

R. BOADU: The Giants have Eli Manning. The Skins have a still unproven and injured Robert Griffin III. Dr. James Andrews says he’s healthy, but RGIII is not the same. He’s still limping and not stepping into throws. Also, the Redskins’ roster boasts of one superstar, no stars and a lot of super dope average players. Not gonna cut it, bruh.

3.) Who gets the Justin Bieber Cornball Award for Week 2?

GAMBLE: That’s easy. It was duck season in MetLife Stadium as Eli Manning was clearly the inferior Manning brother, tossing four ugly picks in a blowout loss to big brother Peyton’s Orange Crush. With another high-yardage, low-impact stinker by Eli, the Giants are 0-2 for the first time since 2007.   

B.SCOTT: It’s gotta be Russell Wilson before the game even started. I know it was just a Madden commercial, and by all means, say those lines and getcha money man. But the loser has to shave an eyebrow? Colin Kaepernick would get lumped into this, too, but he was just swagging it out by agreeing to the bet.

R. BOADU: E.J. Manuel. You won your first NFL game. Great accomplishment and I mean that, but don’t cry on the sidelines. Why are you crying? It’s not the Super Bowl. It just seems weird, kind of like a guy that cries when he makes love to a voluptuous female. Like, what are you doing?