Could Ray Rice Return To The NFL This Season?

Under the NFL’s new domestic violence policy a player will be suspended for a maximum of six games for a first time violation. With that in mind, Ray Rice is scheduled to appeal his indefinite suspension. This is Rice’s first offense, meaning he would be subject to this punishment and if things aligned for him, Rice could technically have the ability to play again this season.

Many legal experts have stated that Rice has a strong case despite popular opinion that his suspension should continue. Rice’s legal team wants to make this appeals process as expedient as possible and do not intend to wait for the NFL or the NFLPA’s investigation into the elevator incident to conclude.

Even if Rice is reinstated, any team that is in need of a running back would be hard pressed to sign the troubled player, as they would be subject to heated criticsm and protests from fans, organizations and sponsors. Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, is a former Raven’s assistant who has never wavered in his belief that Rice is a good football player, and while they might be in need of his services, the question is whether his services would outweigh the consequences of his signing. Based upon the immediate reaction once the second tape was released, teams, no matter their personal feelings, will most likely avoid Rice.

A final decision is expected at some time in mid-November.