College players are about to be paid through EA Sports settlement

There were always victories in EA Sports NCAA games, but now those victories are going to be real instead of virtual.

As part of a settlement reached last March, NCAA football and basketball players secured a $60 million settlement for athletes who appeared in the EA Sports NCAA franchise video games between 2003 and 2014.

The settlement was due to lawsuits filed by players for the use of their likeness. Players such as former Nebraska Cornhuskers’ quarterback, Sam Keller, former Rutgers’ quarterback Ryan Hart and of course former UCLA Bruin basketball star, Ed O’Bannon.

The $60 million consists of $40 million from EA Sports and $20 million from the NCAA and added together for the purposed of distribution. The individual awards are based upon a point system developed by the attorneys involved, with the amounts ranging from $100 to $7,622 (the max) and the average being $1,237. 

While players have begun to receive their checks the aforementioned Keller, Hart and OBannon will get a large portion of the money. A lawyer with knowledge of the Keller claim told Yahoo Sports that Keller will receive $23,390.89, Hart $16,478.09 and OBannon $19,086.47.

Adding to the happiness of the players is the fact that current players who receive check would not be subject to the NCAA’s rule regarding pay for play.  

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