WATCH: Kaepernick’s Latest Video Proves He Still Has An Arm Cannon

It goes without saying (but we will), that Colin Kaepernick isnt one of the quarterbacks being clamored over by teams in the NFL free agency. Owners and anti-Kaepernick folks will say that he isnt in shape or that he has missed too much time on the field due to his anthem protestsagainst racial and social injustice in America. That’s hogwash. 

Kaepernick’s out here grinding hard and throwing lasers and he decided to let his latest workout video speak for him. According to his trainer, Kaepernick’s been working out and throwing every day since January 2017. 

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Yup, Colin Kaepernick still has an absolute CANNON. (IG/Hidalgoj8)

This recent footage of Kap suggests that his arm hasnt lost any juice and hes ready to step on an NFL field and start pushing that pigskin around. In a league where AJ McCarron and Case Keenum are considered franchise quarterbacks, Kaepernick should be getting a shot to play somewhere and its still a travesty that in this quarterback-strapped league he hasnt received an inquiry. 

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