Clinton Portis And NFL Vets Are Lowering The Boom Over Concussions

Between 1994 and 2009, the NFL's concussion committee denied evidence that concussions can have long-term effects on player health. Finally, in 2009, the NFL admitted rheumatologist Elliot Pellman and the committee were incorrect in their diagnoses. The NFL's chickens may finally be coming home to roost. On Thursday, Clinton Portis, whose career ended soon after suffering his tenth concussion in 2011, and 82 other players filed a lawsuit against the NFL over concussions.

Remarkably, Portis' suspension is just one of dozens of lawsuits filed against the league involving 4,500 players who are accusing the league of concealing concussion research findings. No wonder, the NFL is issuing frivolous fines against players during the Goodell era. The NFL must be using league fine money to pay their exorbitant lawyer retainer fees.