Claressa Shields Thinks Her Next Opponent Savannah Marshall “Wants to Be Black” And Is Jealous Of Her “Big Butt” | “She Can Go To Dr. Miami And Get One!”

Claressa Shields believes that her next opponent wants to be Black. More specifically, she thinks she wants to be her, from the belts, two Olympic gold medals, and even her God-given assets.

“When I said she wanted to be Black, I was just saying like she just wants to be me,” Shields said on the “PRITTY Left Hook” podcast. “People hate when race gets brought into stuff, but when I say she wants to be me, what am I? I’m Black, that’s first, then second woman, then third champion, then I have a big butt, then you go into all the aspects about me. So when I had said she wanted to be me, people got mad because I said ‘she wants to be Black and everything.’

“It was like that’s a part of who I am; she wants to be me because she cracks jokes about my hair, she cracks jokes about how big my butt is, she cracks jokes about my lips, and that’s all Black features. Savannah Marshall wants to have a big butt. Hopefully, after the fight, she can go to Dr. Miami and get one. Girl, go and get some breasts and get some booty, girl, yes!”

The most anticipated women’s fight of all time between bitter rivals The GWOAT and Savannah “The Silent Assassin” Marshall for the undisputed middleweight world championship will take place on Sept. 10 from The O2, London. Shields is looking to avenge the only loss of her storied career, an amateur defeat at the hands of Marshall in 2012, which kicked off the rivalry and war of words that continues today.

However, for the self-proclaimed Greatest Woman Of All Time, this fight puts all the pressure on Marshall.

“This fight ain’t for my legacy; I’m already established. You know, we talking about somebody that got one belt compared to somebody who got twelve. I’m already solidified; I’m already stamped. This is just another big fight, another opponent in my way because everybody for me has been legacy, so we not going to say this determines whether I’ve been great or not; I’m already great. This fight determines if she is as great as she says she is. This fight determines if she is even good enough to be stepping in the ring with me, is she good enough to say my name, is she good enough to wipe my drawers. This fight decides that for her.”

“For me, there is no … yeah, I’m going to avenge my only loss in the amateurs ten years ago, but that fight that I lost never defined me, but it defines her. Her only big accomplishment, ‘Oh, I beat Claressa Shields when she was 17 in the world championships in the tournament before the Olympics.’ Big whoop, but did you win the Olympics? Did you win the world championships after that? No, it was me; Claressa Shields’ name was stamped on all that.

“Not just the pros, I went to the Olympics twice, I won the world championships three times after that, and then I turned pro and did all this. So we’re talking about persistence, and something she’s not good at is being persistent. She’s a one-hit wonder, that’s it. Yeah, this fight is stamped legacy but how else they going to build it?”

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