Claressa Shields Chin Checks Savannah Marshall | Questions KO Reputation

The boxing GWOAT Claressa Shields cleared the air about the knockout power of rival Savannah Marshall.

The anticipation of the two finally meeting as professionals are growing since they both signed to Sky Sports and BOXXER.

“Savannah has this thing, which her coaches know about too,” said Shields. “She is either ‘on’ or ‘off.’ She has to be at 300 percent to even compete with me. She can’t afford a bad night.

“If she’s ‘on’? You will see a competitive fight in the early rounds then I will break her down.


Claressa owns a piece of boxing history as the first American woman to win gold in boxing. Shields also became the first American boxer (male or female) ever to win gold in back-to-back Olympic Games.

Shields has become the Ronda Rousey of boxing, ushering the athletes into a new level of prominence.

“She’s smarter than me? We were at both Olympics together, and she didn’t medal but guess who got two gold medals!

“She punches too hard? It is a myth. I’m a 12-time champion; she’s a one-time belt-holder. It doesn’t make sense to say that she’s a better fighter than me.”

Claressa Shields has only had one loss in her entire amateur career. Guess who: current British World Champion Savannah Marshall, just months before the 2012 Olympic Games.

Shields never had the chance to avenge the loss because Marshall lost in several international events before getting to Shields in 2012.

“For the past year, she has said that I’m scared of her. Why? Because you won a fight over me by six points? Everybody is making her out to be this big knockout artist. Build her up as that.

“It will hurt a lot of people’s feelings when I beat her because they will see that she doesn’t hold any power. She doesn’t have more skill than me. I have got better over the years and she has declined.”

The Big Payback?

Marshall (10-0, 8 KOs) stopped Hannah Rankin in seven rounds to win the vacant WBO middleweight title in October 2020. She then retained her title with a third-round KO over Maria Lindberg in April.

Marshall’s next bout is against Lolita Muzeya on October 16th in Newcastle, England.

“Everybody wants to see me lose. But I’m a winner,” said Shields. “I fought very good girls, not last-minute replacements. Girls get one week, two weeks, before fighting Marshall.

“One girl took a fight with her three days before. A grown woman would not dare take a fight with me with two weeks, three, or four and think she has a chance to beat me.

“Look at her opponents, look at mine. The girls on her résumé? The commission would not even let them in the same ring as me.

“She hasn’t fought a top-level competitor. Can she beat Christina Hammer or Hanna Gabriels? Marie Eve Dicaire? No, she can’t. Hammer would beat her.

“She would get exposed. Marshall lost six times to one fighter [Nouchka Fontijn in the amateurs] – that just shows the difference in caliber. My whole boxing career has been up, up, up without any downfalls.”

Shields usually dons blue hair to represent the ongoing water crisis in her hometown of Flint, Michigan. She has inspired women to become the most significant female boxer in the world.

A rubber match against Savannah Marshall would aid her quest for total domination of the sport.

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