Chris Bosh Has Been An HOF Lock For Years

Chris Bosh is still the guy you remember catching a lot of hate before Miami won the title last season. Yeah, LeBron was the target of most of the derision, but Bosh was the one brought up when the discussions turned to breaking up the big three. 

So, when you see Bosh say things like "I've been a Hall of Famer [since] like four years ago" it causes a quick doubletake. 

But Bosh has fairly sound reasoning — except for the four years ago detail. On Thursday, CB picked up his eighth All Star nom, a crucial number in Hall of Fame currency; Only one player with eight All-Star selections is not in the Hall. That, combined with Bosh's ring and the likelihood that he picks up at least a couple more All-Star selections, should make him a shoo-in.

Still, it feels weird to put Chris Bosh in the future-Hall-of-Famer category when you think about the legendary context that tends to come with. Bosh has been the third piece on a title team and the go-to guy on a team that didn't win a playoff series. He is, however, the Toronto Raptors' all-time leader in almost every category.

Bosh might be one of the last guys picked on a hypothetical Hall of Fame pickup game, but, yeah, he's in the game.


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