Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy Has COVID| Bad For Him, Good For Justin FIelds?

Matt Nagy And The Bears Inept Coaching Staff Are Ruining Justin Fields


We do wish Matt Nagy a full and quick recovery. However, rookie quarterback Justin Fields — who took another beating in a 38-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs this past weekend, probably wants him to stay home as long as he can. 

Fields was running for his life all afternoon, throwing for just 184 yards, with three picks and two fumbles. It was another nightmare game and garbage game plan that led to Fields’ demise. He leads NFL with nearly a 13 percent sack rate. 

Nagy has been signaled out as the reason why Fields is struggling.

“The incompetence of this coaching staff is (terrible for a ) young rookie quarterback,” said ESPN host Demarcus Spears. “Everyone knows it, this aint nothing knew. We knew this before Justin Fields started playing. We knew this when Mitch Trubisky was playing…there’s got to be a coaching change.”

Well, at least Fields will get one game against the 49ers this Sunday to hear another voice. Hopefully, a different kind of game plan and usage dynamic than under Nagy.

Where Quarterbacks Go To Die 

Chicago’s ineptitude with handling quarterbacks dates back to way before Matt Nagy was hired as a quarterback guru to develop Trubisky and now Fields.  

“You can’t ask a rookie quarterback, with a coaching staff that seems to be clueless to go score for score with Tom Brady and all the talent they have out there,” Spears said, referencing the 38-3 loss on Sunday. “Can you imagine what’s going on in Justin Fields’ mind when he sees all of this pressure on him.” 

There’s some genuine concern for Fields’ future across the league.

“Far more quarterbacks in this league are ruined than developed,” added co-host Mike Greenberg. “I would be very concerned about what type of long-term impact this will have on him.” 

From Jim McMahon to Jim Harbaugh to Kyle Orton to Rex Grossman to Jay Cutler to Mitchell Trubisky, its never really panned out for signal callers in the Windy City. 

The only franchise to never have a 4,000-yard passer in a season, Chicago teams have traditionally been built on a strong running game and tough defense — “Monsters of the Midway.”

In 2017, they moved up in the draft to take Mitchell Trubisky with guys like Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes on the board. It turned out to be another Chicago Bears disaster when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks. 

One More Chance 

Someway, somehow in 2021 the football gods once again shined on the QB-needy franchise. Ohio State signal caller Justin Fields fell to the No. 11 pick and the Bears drafted him.

Believing they wouldn’t have the opportunity to draft someone of Fields’ stature, the Bears signed washed-up journeyman Andy Dalton to a $10 million deal in the offseason. 

Head coach Matt Nagy made it clear that Dalton was the starter no matter how Fields preformed in offseason workouts or the preseason.

He and GM Ryan Pace had to justify that $10 million contract. However, with Dalton getting injured, Fields has been thrust into the starting position.

Sink or Swim

Each week has been a struggle. At times it almost seems as if Nagy wants Fields to fail so he can justify putting Dalton back in as the starter once he’s completely healthy.

The play calls aren’t anything that accentuates Fields’ skill set.

On Sunday, Fields had four turnovers, and not one was his fault. Shoddy play calls and bad blocking will get a 10-year veteran killed, so a rookie stands no chance. Fields’ weaponry is also limited.

Nagy hasn’t utilized any of the athletic ability that Fields possesses by moving the pocket or getting him on the edge with some QB waggles or bootlegs.

Or how about some quick-hitting passes to get his young QB into a rhythm?

Nagy is a disciple of Andy Reid, one of the best QB developers of the last 20 years. 

It hasn’t rubbed off so far. Maybe he needs to sit Sunday out and allow someone else to put Fields in a position to shine. 

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