Catching Up With “Kin” Star Myles Truitt

Myles Truitt appears to be on the fast track to super-stardom after appearing as young Ralph Tresvant in BET’s The New Edition Story. Since then he has wowed audiences on Queen Sugar as Ant, as Arlo on Superstition and on the hit series Atlanta as Devin, and he is slated to appear in the CW adaptation of Black Lightning. 

But in the meantime, Truitt is starring alongside Zoe Kravitz, Dennis Quaid, James Franco and Michael B. Jordan in “Kin”, and we caught up with him totalk about his starring role in and the ins and outs of being on set with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, how he motivates himself, what the future holds and more.

KIN Trailer NEW (2018 Movie) – Dennis Quaid, Zo Kravitz

KIN (2018 Movie) Official Trailer – a pulse-pounding crime thriller with a sci-fi twist. Starring Jack Reynor, Zo Kravitz, Carrie Coon, with Dennis Quaid, and James Franco, introducing Myles Truitt.

The Shadow League: What was it about the script that made you want to star in this film?

Myles Truitt: The script didn’t really make me want to do it. It was really the cast. I saw Zoe and Dennis Quaid and James Franco, then I saw the short film Bag Man, and that’s what really dragged me in. My casting agent showed me the short film and they told me that this was how “Kin” is going to be and how the character was going to be. I connected to the character. I had a lot of similarities with Eli, just being independent and quiet and being true to himself.

But, then, the script as well. I read the script and saw the dynamics inside the movie. I really wanted to be a part of this film.

TSL: Even today, it’s rare to see someone who looks like you or I cast as “The Chosen One” in a major motion picture.

MT:  There aren’t a lot of young black males who are playing lead in this industry. So when I got cast for this, of course I was excited. I was ready to film, but I knew this was a big moment. Not just for me but for our black community. I was really excited to show a message to young black men, that they could also do this if they put there mind to it, and put the effort into it, that’s why I wanted to be in this movie.

TSL: What was it like working with Dennis Quaid?

MT: I just had a lot of sentimental moments with him. We were doing a scene in the car, and they said cut, and he was just like a big kid. I really connected with him. You would have thought that there was another child on set.  I really did connect with him like he was really my Dad, you know? My on set Dad.

I was surprised he listened to some of the music I listened to, and he was surprised I listened to some of the music he listened to. We just hit it off.  From the moment that I met him, he was just really chill and fun to work with and I respected that.

TSL: Your character appears to have a crush on an exotic dancer with a heart of gold, played by Zoe Kravitz. What was that paradigm like?

MT: It’s interesting that you would say that because I don’t think that’s how the brothers (Josh Baker, Jonathan Baker) were trying to play it. She was very nice to me, and Jack gives me this wad of money and says if she’s a nice girl give it to her.  And she was one of those girls that really stood out to Eli. Not on a crush level, but on a sister-like friendship type of level.

Kin Official Trailer #1 (2018) James Franco, Dennis Quaid Sci-Fi Movie HD

Kin Trailer 1 (2018) James Franco, Dennis Quaid Sci-Fi Movie HD [Official Trailer]

TSL: The weapon is an integral part of the film and is almost like a character unto itself. What was that like?

MT: It’s really cool that you said the weapon was like a character unto itself. The movie is actually about Eli AND the weapon. It wouldn’t be “Kin” without the weapon. It was really cool filming with it. Just acting out the recoil when I fired it, just having that presence of me being the main one in the room, just helping me gain that confidence like “I am the man!”, you know what I mean? That was really cool to play that out.

TSL: There were many emotionally taxing scenes in this offering. Scenes that required you to dig deep. What was that like for you?

MT: It was hard to film, especially those emotional scenes. It was hard to switch that up. But it all came into play when you actually see it in the film. It looks great.

TSL: What was it like working with Michael B. Jordan?

MT: He was so cool to work with and just down to Earth. I was grateful. It was a humbling experience. He wasn’t one of these big time actors who only treat you a certain way.  He treated me like a regular person,  and I appreciated that. He told me that if I ever needed anything to just reach out. I appreciated that and was very glad that I worked with him.

TSL: A major cliffhanger at the end begs for a sequel. I know it’s early, but have you heard anything about that?

MT: The directors and I have been talking about it. If they really want one then we’ll see it in the numbers in the opening weekend, or the weekend after that to see the reaction. If we get a good one then maybe, possibly we can start talking about a sequel. But right now I just want to go day-by-day with it and see how it goes.

TSL: What are some of your other priorities right now?

MT: School is very important if you want to be an actor. With this movie, I know I’m going to touch a lot of young black men and women. And I know that they will probably want to be an actor. Just for that, school comes into play.  You can’t be an actor if you’re not educated. Even if it’s just reading scripts or learning how to do new contracts, or something like that, you’ll have to be educated.


“Kin”, starring Myles Truitt, Dennis Quaid and Zoe Kravitz, opens in theaters Friday, September 31. You can also check out Truitt on Queen Sugar and the upcoming season of Black Lightning.

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