Carson Wentz Tweets Philly Love To Nick Foles And Eagles

Carson Wentz wanted this moment so bad he could taste it. Nick Foles needs this moment to legitimize his rise to NFL relevancy. Capture a place for himself in the annals of NFL greatness.  When Wentz went down, we thought Philly had no shot. We were wrong. 

Together, the two QB’s can become part of Philadelphia sports history. Wentz, Phillys sophomore stud QB helped the Eagles steam roll through the first 13 games of the season before an injury shattered his Super Bowl dreams. Or so he thought. His backup swooped in and capitalized on an opportunity to rewrite his Philadelphia legacy and change the narrative of his NFL career. 

Foles has defied the naysayers and performed at a Super Bowl level. Wentz has gotten the opportunity to watch from the sidelines and see the playoff push from a completely different perspective. Foles performance has undoubtedly inspired Wentz and that serves the future of Philly well. 

Reports say it’s “realistic” that Wentz will be behind center for the first game of the 2018 season. For now, on the eve of one of the titanic moments in Philadelphia sports history, Wentz character and leadership shines through. No doubt he is mad as hell about having to sit out this showdown with Tom Brady. At the same time, he is grateful to Foles for continuing what he started and Wentz offered his support on Twitter for his Eagles team in Super Bowl 52. 

Carson Wentz on Twitter

My bro is gonna shine bright tonight! So excited to see him & this team go out and compete tonight. Been through it all this year as a team, & yet, here we are! WE ALL WE GOT. WE ALL WE NEED. God’s writing an unbelievable story and he’s getting all the glory!

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