“Caption This”: Battle Of The Broadcasters | LeSean Mccoy And RG3 Go Back And Forth On Twitter Over Who Was Better

LeSean Mccoy is undoubtedly one of the most electrifying running backs football has ever seen, but Robert Griffin III doesn’t see it that way though. The two have been feuding ever since that mockery of a football game that featured the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts played on “Thursday Night Football.”

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III had a lot to say about that Broncos-Colts game, specifically the poor play from the Broncos’ new $245 million man Russell Wilson, who threw for a whopping 274 yards with two interceptions and a 53.8 percent completion percentage. Wilson capped the 54.9 passer-ratong performance with a display of blindness in missing receiver KJ Hamler for a wide-open pass on fourth down in overtime, instead throwing to a blanketed receiver for an incompletion, losing the game. 

RG3 wasn’t feeling the performance, and his line of tweets was a perfect display of evidence. 

But what started the quarterback vs. running back Twitter beef was when RG3 called Wilson out on his Twitter, posting a screenshot of Broncos running back Melvin Gordon staring at Russell Wilson with the tweet “Caption this”.

Someone like Griffin III, whose legacy is that of the what-if scenario of if he’d stayed healthy and his only seeing success early on in his NFL career by showing flashes of potential, normally might not want to invite a comparison to himself and an established veteran and winner like Wilson. 

Shady made that apparent in his rebuttal tweet, responding to RG3’s aforementioned tweet by retweeting his post and captioning it “Damn bro take it easy on him lol you experience this moment a lot more than Russ.”

Griffin III didn’t back down from the slight from Mccoy, and the Twitter beef ensued. 

The former Baylor Bear responded by posting stats from their 2014 season, comparing his rushing stats as a QB to the rushing stats of Mccoy’s, as well as a single-game stat line comparing rushing yards from when the two then-divisional rivals faced each other.

Dang you still mad at me for out rushing you in a game? Or was it that I had more rushing touchdowns than you had rushing and receiving that year? Or for knocking yal out of playoff contention in 2014? You had a great career. Without injuries I would have had a better one.” Robert Griffin III responding to Lesean Mccoy via Twitter.

But the shots didn’t stop there. Lesean Mccoy dropped some stats of his own, showcasing the reality of RG3’s career, humbling him, and giving him a reality check of his legacy versus Shady’s legacy. 

would of could of  BUT these are your NUMBERS  (let RG3 COOK)” Shady responded to RG3, via Twitter.

RG3 didn’t have much to rebuttal Mccoy’s truth, so he went on to brag about how he cooked Mccoy with “one leg”, and suggested that he is a better sports broadcaster/analyst than Shady as well.

“This Rollie Pollie @CutonDime25 BIG MAD that a QB with 1 leg for half the year had more rushing TDs than he had TDs combined WAY BACK IN 2012. Let that hate out your heart. How you let a guy with these career stats cook you that year AND in broadcasting.”


After some more slight back-and-forth between the two former vets, Coach Prime stepped in to try and mediate the beef. 

“Okay fellas that’s enough! We love both of y’all and both of y’all were truly dominant. Let’s show love and not display hate. That lil sparring match was funny tho. But enough,” Deion Sanders said via Twitter.

While Griffin was respectful of Sanders’ wishes, Mccoy had to get the last word in, telling Sanders that if RG3 had been in his division the Hall of Fame cornerback would have taken his Hall of Fame legacy to even higher level.

“Wow PRIME dominant OG u kno @RGIII was TRASH he got like 5k yards… If he played in your division they would of gave you a diamond JACKET”

This is at most a hilarious social media beef, and it gave fans something to debate and banter about while waiting the couple of days before the next set of football games.

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