Slugs and Basketball | Cameron Hogg Pleads Guilty After Shooting 21-Year-Old Asia Womack Five Times Over Losing Pickup Basketball Game

The end of a harrowing nightmare of senseless violence fueled by ego and what some have described as “toxic masculinity” has resulted in a plea deal. 

The man who in 2022 killed 21-year-old rising star Asia Womack in Dallas after she beat him in a pickup basketball game has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, according to Dallas County court documents.

Cameron Jamaal Hogg, 32, pleaded guilty Tuesday to murdering Womack on Oct. 3, 2022, according to the court documents.

Why Did Cameron Hogg Shoot and Kill Asia Womack Over Basketball Game?

Police say in 2022, Womack embarrassed Hogg in a pickup basketball game at a park in South Dallas, near South Fitzhugh Avenue and the Dos Equis Pavilion. Following the loss, they got into a brief heated exchange. 

Apparently, the humiliation of the loss made Hogg shoot Womack, a graduate of James Madison High School, while she was walking home after the game. 

Needless to say, Womack’s mother thinks the punishment is a slap on the wrist in comparison to the loss of her daughter’s promising life. She’s expected to meet the killer face-to-face for the first time in court later this week, when she makes her victim impact statement.

“I forgive him. But at the same time, I just want him to see the hurt. I just want him to see the hurt that’s on my face,” she said. “You can’t imagine what’s in my heart. Just to be able to look at him and face him and get some closure.”

Who Was Asia Womack?

“She holds a place in a lot of people’s hearts,” Andrea said of her daughter who was most happy on the basketball court and being a comedian.

According to Asia’s online obituary:

“Asia Janae Womack was born Thursday, February 15, 2001, to the parentage of Andrea and Anthony Womack in Fort Worth, Texas. She attended “the great” James Madison High School in Dallas, Texas where she received her high school diploma in 2019. She then furthered her education and attended Texas A&M Commerce in Commerce, Texas studying Kinesiology.

Asia, affectionally known as “Fat Baby” has a passion for basketball since an early age. Asia was designed like no other. Her gift was expressed through her love for basketball. She had a big heart filled with so much love, joy, and laughter. She had a smile that could brighten your day. Asia was a member of Gospel Tabernacle Church under the pastoral leadership of Bishop David E. Martin. She was an active participant in the Generation Next Ministry and the Youth Providence Ministry.”

Court documents say Asia left the park, unknowing that Hogg was tracking her with murderous intent. 

After winning the battle with Hogg on the court, Asia and a friend were sitting outside to watch football a short distance from the park. Hogg drove up and got out and without saying anything shot her in the chest twice. As she stumbled to the ground, he shot her two or three more times, assassination style.

Asia Womack Mom Not Happy With Plea Deal

“He took it too far,” Womack’s mom told local news outlets.

Cameron Hogg was sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting Asia Womack after she beat him in a basketball game.

The plea deal Hogg took from the Dallas County DA, is reportedly on the very low end of the range for punishment. A 20-year prison term almost ensures that he will be back on the streets in less time. 

“It’s a slap in the face because it’s pretty much saying that Asia’s life was only worth 20 years. That’s basically what they’re saying,” Andrea continued.

The Dallas County DA’s Office told Andrea this outcome was possible, but what infuriates Womack’s mom is the fact that Hogg copped out and claimed self-defense. 

“By him admitting that he killed her and not going to court saying that it was self-defense,” she said.

FOX 4 reached out to the Dallas County DA to ask about the sentence but have not gotten a response.

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