Cam Newton Launches New YouTube Channel

Prepare yourself for The Drip.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton just announced the launch of The Cam Newton YouTube channel.


The channel will give fans an exclusive look at his personal life and career and will also provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his intense training process with other pro athletes, fashion/lifestyle content, and more.

In a press release, Cam stated, “There is so much that happens in my life that I am not able to include on my social media channels – from my growth in the fashion world to the development of my business interests to my work with my 7 v 7 team.” Cam also added, “I look forward to taking a deeper dive into my life through this YouTube channel and also developing a variety of passion projects. Prepare yourself for The Drip.”

The first episode, “What’s wrong with my shoulder? | Cam Newton Vlog” will feature his recent surgery. Check it out below.



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