Bryce Harper’s Knee Swells Up Whenever He Moves It

Bryce Harper's knee doesn't sound like it's in good shape. Haper hasn't play in a game since May 26 and isn't likely to come off the DL when he's scheduled to on June 10 because he can't run in water without his left knee swelling up.

He's going to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion. That can't be good. 

Though Andrews is brilliant, he's generally called upon for major surgery. When was the last time you heard "James Andrews" and "nothing wrong" in the same sentence? 

Yes, this is complete guesswork because every case is different. I just wouldn't hold my breath if I were a Nationals fan. According to manager Davey Johnson, who remained optimistic that the injury is simply burstitus, it's possible Harper could miss 2-3 more weeks if surgery to remove a bursa sac is needed. 

Harper missing 2-3 weeks when the team is 4-12 without him is going to be tough to deal with, and that's the best worst-case scenario. If the injury is something else, there might be another Strasberg-esque debate in Washington.