Bros Before Pros: Anquan Boldin Traded To Niners For A 6th Rounder

In a stunning move, the Baltimore Ravens traded wideout Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers for a sixth round pick. On Tuesday, the Ravens were set to cut him because of his unwillingness to restructure his $6 million dollar contract.

It's understandable that the Ravens wanted to get the Boldin contract squabbles out of their hair, but Boldin was a human tractor beam pulling in Flacco's postseason passes, even though he hasn't been a 1,000 yard receiver in three seasons. However, there's a better way to get this done. You don't trade your postseason hero to the Super Bowl runner-up for a sixth-round pick. Most wide receivers experience a productivity dip in their early 30s, but on the off chance that Boldin's abilities doesn't go ghost on him, Boldin could be more of a factor on the field than the Randy Moss experiment was.  Despite the cross country trip, Bold arrives without any extra baggage and the straight cash homie's cockiness.

This is what brothers are for. John Harbaugh gave his brother, Jim a Super Bowl swirlie but responded by throwing him a softball before free agency begins. Ozzie Newsome has a sterling track record as an exec but this may be one of his most controversial moves yet.

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