Brittney Griner’s Ridiculous KD Dating Rumors Minuscule In Comparison To Her Mental Health Hiatus

There’s something in the air in Phoenix, and it’s not the scorching temperatures of the valley. No, it’s romance — the romance between some of the biggest stars of Phoenix basketball.

As reported by multiple sources, Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner and Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant have recently had rumors arise of them sharing a romantic bond, and there are speculations of the two basketball stars dating.

These rumors appeared after a video clip arose of Griner kissing the 13-time all-star on the cheek one day as they were spending time with each other. The clip of that showing of affection had the internet going wild, with many speculating the dating rumors about the two, especially given their history and how close they’ve been with each other.

Since the Phoenix Mercury center returned from Russian prison following her 2022 arrest at a Russian airport for drug-related charges, she has been sharing a close bond with KD. 

The reactions on social media were mixed, some offering positive feelings about the potential basketball “power couple.” In contrast, others were concerned about the fact that Brittney Griner is married, which has them wondering what she was doing kissing Kevin Durant.

While there isn’t any record of Griner’s wife, Cherelle Griner, saying anything about the video or the rumors of Griner and Durant dating, one has to wonder what she makes of all of this nonsense.

If anything, Griner and Durant are friends and comrades in the same industry who play in the same city. The internet may deem a relationship and romantic expression as a close friendship between the two.

On top of these pointless dating rumors, Griner has more critical matters. 

Griner Stepping Away For Mental Health Reasons

Griner also recently announced that she’d be taking time away from the team to focus on her mental health. While she says she only plans to miss a two-game road trip, she hasn’t set a date for her return either. It is speculated that her time away from the organization might be indefinite. 

The Phoenix Mercury released a statement regarding Griner’s hiatus from the team in favor of her mental health.

“Mercury center Brittney Griner will not travel with the team on its upcoming two-game road trip to Chicago and Indiana (July 30-August 1) to focus on her mental health. The Mercury fully support Brittney and we will continue to work together on a timeline for her return.”

After Griner returned home from her 10-month imprisonment in Russia, she jumped back into basketball without taking a mental break when she got home. This time away from the game is well-deserved and well-needed for Griner. 

The last thing she’s worried about is rumors of her stepping out on her wife.

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