Break Up The Clippers? 

Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game, but his career tells you a lot about basketball. While the big man is considered somewhat obsolete in an ever-evolving game, dope, pure point guards wont win you a championship these days either.

The Clippers Game 7 loss to the Utah Jazz in the playoffs opening round on Sunday was the 76th playoff game for Chris Paul without ever reaching a conference Finals. Thats an all-time NBA record. The problem is, the Clippers have never been good enough to defeat the powerhouse teams of the West — all of which are loaded with multi-faceted weapons and designed to go deep into the playoffs.

This has actually been the “Golden Age” of Clippers basketball. Doc Rivers squad has had five-straight 50-win seasons and made the playoffs the last six seasons. With Chris Paul, the games last true pass-first point guard, and Blake Griffin and JJ Redick facing free agency, this might have been the last championship run for CP3 and Doc.

Every Era has a team that is consistently very good, but cant quite get past the great teams.

Its pretty obvious that if Paul is ever going to get that elusive championship, he will have to join a team in which he is NOT the best player, add his dopeness to the mix and grab that ring, which is the last thing that the 31 year old has to accomplish in a 12-year career that has seen him average 18.7 and 10 assists per game.

Reports say Paul will re-sign with the Clippers, but he needs to think long and hard about that. At this point he has given his all to that franchise and now he needs to focus on his legacy and what team needs his incomparable ball distribution and offensive capabilities, providing him the best chance to snatch a ring and put a bow on what has been a sure shot Hall of Fame career

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