Blizzard Could Move Super Bowl XLVIII to Saturday, Monday or Tuesday Night

For years, I've been a major proponent of holding the Super Bowl on Saturday night instead of Sunday. Who wants to watch the biggest game of the year and then wake up early on Monday morning? Super Bowl parties on Sundays are illogical. Just as illogical as college football holding its national championship on a Monday night after 14 plus weeks of playing on Saturdays. A school night!

Don't get me started on that though.

The possibility of a snowstorm changing the date of the NewJersey/New York City has been discussed before, but one upside to a blizzard bowl could result in the NFL moving its Super Bowl to Saturday night. A downside could be it being shifted to Monday, Tuesday or the following weekend.

Via New York Daily News:

“There are postponement scenarios or rescheduling scenarios for 256 regular-season games each year. Same thing for Super Bowls since the beginning of Super Bowls. We’ve had those in place,” Frank Supovitz, the league’s senior vice president of events, said Wednesday. “The fact is we’ve been in cold weather cities before, we’ve been in situations where snow has fallen ahead of the Super Bowl.”

Supovitz said the objective is to stick to the 6:30 p.m. kickoff on Feb. 2 for Super Bowl XLVIII.

“But if it’s necessary due to matters of public safety or there are impracticalities, then rescheduling scenarios have to be considered,” he said. “Saturday would be as early as we would consider at this point. We have contingencies that take us into Monday and Tuesday.”